Play Bubble Soccer Indoor

Thanks to our cooperation partner you can play Bubblesoccer in the SOC Sportpark Kaiserslautern. Simply book an appointment over our booking form. We will book your court. All what you have to do then: be at the right place at the right time. We will take care of everything else. One of our staff members will wait there for you and supports you and your team during the entire game.

Play Bubble Soccer Outdoor

You have an own location or court where you want to play?
No Problem, we will bring the bubble balls straight to you!
Just write us over our contact form. We will contact you as soon as possible to discuss everything in detail with you.

Extract from our general Terms and Conditions:

(Here you can find the full version of our General terms and Conditions)

– The senior bubble-balls have a cross-section dimension of 1.50 meters (4.92 feet) and are licensed for a weight  from 60 to 100 kg (120 – 200 lbs). The minimum height to participate in a game is 1.60 m (5.25 feet). The junior bubble-balls hav a cross dimension of 1,20 meters (3.94 feet) and are licensed for children under 12 years.
– The bubble-balls have to be kept away from sharp items and are treated with care. The tenant has the responsibility to ensure the proper usage only on suitable playing grounds. Especially prohibited is the usage on meadows and lawns with stones, branches and other sharp items, which can cause severe damage to the balls. The tenant is liable for the damages occurring due to carelessness, intention or inappropriate usage of the balls
– People influenced by alcohol or drugs are not allowed to use the bubble-balls
– People with heart diseases, back pain or other medical conditions are advised not to play bubble-soccer. This also applies to pregnant women
– The usage of the bubble-balls happen at one’s own risk.- The tenant also has to follow the conditions of usage by the particular courtowner.

Should the conditions of usage be harmed in any way, the courtowner, the lessor of the buuble-balls or our staff members are allowed to withdraw the further usage of the balls. In this case, there is no right of refund for the tenant.

The lessor of the bubble-balls and its employees are not liable for any injuries occurring due to the usage of the balls.